Post Election

Today is Day 1: Getting past the shock and grieving

As those of us go through the waves of grief and anger after this debacle, I want to offer the following encouragement for getting back to chipping away at the challenge before us. Because we can't afford to linger in denial, anger, and grief...we need to start working now.

As a 4th generation Chinese-Japanese American and a person of color (yes yellow is a color), I know anyone who is different from the white American stereotype have two options when they wake up: (1) give up and be consumed and battered by the hatred or (2) fight each day to change the landscape and shift mindsets.

I have learned from three generations of my Japanese American family (great grandparents, grandparents, and father), who were in incarcerated during WWII in the internment camps in this country (a federal order placed by social Democrat FDR no less), that every day was a fight. My family lost their livelihood when they were put in the camps and were scared of the racist rhetoric aimed at them. They left the camps with nothing and had to start all over. Every day, like so many at the time, they woke up feeling they had to prove they were as American as their white counterparts. This was giving in to the dominant paradigm and yet many continued each day to point to the injustice while still working to this day to feel recognized as a group in this country.

People of color, LGBQT, women (or anyone "different" in this country) wake up every day, not knowing whether they will be harassed, killed, abused, berated, loved, or see another day. But they wake up no less and decide whether they walk out their doors to fight the hatred and violence, flee, or let it swallow them up. My point being, we can try predicting the future of this presidency all we want but it won't stop there being the next day and the next day after that. What will you do to pick yourself out of the pit of despair?

This is Day 1...will you fight for yourself and other disparate groups, communities, our environment to make a better tomorrow?

We can persist and flip the script.