This is an experiment...

This is an experiment... with an intention. 

My iPhone timer is set to 15-minutes and from here I write these thoughts and share/curate related content.

I have blogged many times for work, for my business, and for myself. When we create content, the writer is willing to expose a little window into themselves. In particular, sharing our thoughts, our likes and dislikes, and connecting the dots between the millions of pieces of information that come across our eyes when we swipe. This post may have an audience of many or none; I accept that fact and willingly put this out into the Internet ether. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to go on a 6-day retreat at Knoll Farm called the Better Selves Fellowship, hosted by Peter Forbes and Helen Whybrow in Vermont's Mad River Valley, for conservation and social justice leaders. It was a meaningful time for me to decompress after leaving my job just 2-days prior to arriving on the farm. The place was meaningful to me as for where it was situated got me to literally look down into the Valley, locate the organization I once worked at, and have some closure on 17-months of burnout.

Water yurt. A wonderful place for meditation, a nap, and reading. Designed and built by  Daniel Neumeyer  and dedicated to  William Coperthwaite .

Water yurt. A wonderful place for meditation, a nap, and reading. Designed and built by Daniel Neumeyer and dedicated to William Coperthwaite.

Knoll Farm is a special place, where many have taken refuge and retreated on this farm land to recharge, connect, and learn from one another. The staff took care of us - cooking meals, lighting fire rings for us to gather and share stories, warming up the wood fire hot tub and sauna, professional coaching, and daily yoga and meditation sessions - and gave us space to care for our own needs as well as work on personal projects. As a working mom of a toddler, I welcomed this chance to recharge and retune myself so I could be a better parent.  How often does one get such an opportunity to recharge?  

I was fascinated with the lives of the men and women, who came to this retreat from as far as Oregon to nearby towns in Vermont and New Hampshire. In particular, it was interesting that half of the fellows came with a personal project involving publishing a book, a blog, or podcast. I somehow missed the memo or it was a coincidence, but given that our hosts are well-known writers and editors perhaps I should have expected it. I didn't have a book project then, but it brought me to this afternoon to think of the following challenge for myself as well as inspired by my father and reading Tim Ferriss' 5-bullet Friday emails:

At least once a week, take 15-minutes to reflect, synthesize information, share/curate the things that excite me and post it here as well as my social network platforms. 

Pre-Internet, in the 80s and 90s, I remember my father was a voracious reader of newspapers and magazines. Often he would collect articles and photocopy them to redistribute to friends, family, and colleagues to share what interested him. I can imagine that if he were alive today, he would be curating and sharing content with his friends via Facebook. Similarly, I enjoy glancing at Tim Ferriss' 5-bullet Friday e-newsletter, where he shares his current thoughts, experimentations, readings, products he is trying out, the music he is listening to, etc. So I take some inspiration from both these curations plus reflection to hone my writing skills, synthesizing information, and practice in curating content. 

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