A Dedication to My Father: Introduction

My father was a big part of my life. What you might not know is that every year, I reflect for five days on my past and think about my future on his birthday (today March 15th) till the day of his passing on (March 20th). Most years, I post a picture of him. This year is different. This year he would have been 72 years old and it has been 20 years since he passed away. The latter fact struck me...20 years, so much has happened in that time for me and now with our little girl, I cannot believe my dad is not here to play with his granddaughter.

And so I dedicate these next few days to share a little bit of him and some thoughts on how he has impacted my life. With the help of my parents and family, I have pulled together pictures of my dad through 52 years of his life and assembled them into photo collages. I appreciate those of you who follow me on this reflective journey...thank you!